Satoshi Soldiers


Claim a Satoshi Soldier! Once claimed any further attempts may mint a stamp, but these wont be part of the troop! Copy the Base64 code from the box below and create a new asset in Counterwallet. The description should read: "STAMP:" and then, without a space, paste the Base64. Only 1/1s will count in the Satoshi Soldier collection, so make sure you create a non-divisible, locked, 1/1 asset!
It is advised to use the highest possible fee using Counterwallet's fee scaler, this varies from time to time so if it's too expensive for you check back soon. We aren't responsible for the mempool so please have patience for you Soldier arriving in your wallet!
The creators of this project (dev: Regan, artist: Alth0tas, ideas: both) are not taking any fee for these stamps, you are only being charged the usual stamping fee!
You've come to fight as free frens, and free frens you are. What will you do without freedom? Will you fight? LFG!